Best Gaming Laptops Reviews and Guides

Looking for the best gaming laptops ? How will you find the Laptop you are using is best for gaming purpose. Whenever you go to the shopper, you truly can’t say that which of the particular machine suits best for the games that you want to play.

The only difference that separates a normal computer user from a gamer is the dedicated Graphic chipset in that person’s system. Yes, it is the Graphic Card that gives the permission to the gamers to play high end games.

However depending on the game, still the Intel’s 4th generation CPU  are capable to run some of the high definition games in recent notebooks. But they can only full fill the requirements for the ordinary and web based games.

The ordinary here means to be the casual games that a normal user can play in the mean time to get entertained.

If you are becoming serious for the gaming, then starting from a dedicated graphic chipset would be more better. It is the point from where you can choose your best gaming laptops from a big list of systems.

What if  you want to purchase a machine, but your budgets stops you to go further for the dedicated graphic chipset for the machine?

How will you find out which one is within budget and allows you to play your most favourite game. Most of the gamers stuck while counting their pockets when they go to the shopper.

But if you are smart enough and provided some guides to buy the best gaming laptops then you can surely beat the world. In order to help you, we are providing some guides for you, which can surely help you to hunt well suited machine for yourself.

So what you should check out for Best Gaming Laptops


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Most of the PC users get stuck while choosing the right system configuration of the notebook. The very basic thing that must be hunted is the processor of the system.

It’s the very first thing that is required to achieve the max speed of processing data. A wrong selection may cause the disturbance in the entertainment while running some game.

You  can find the AMD powered machine which posses some particular graphics card which can be categorized as best gaming laptops under $1000.

The On-Chip graphics in the A-series processor will not try to escape from your budget boundaries.

On the other hand, the core i7 fits as best for those who are really fans of very high end games. Another good thing is they are a great power saver when the notebook runs on battery.

The core i5 and i7 are possessing the turbo technology which increases the chip’s speed on demand. Choosing the Inter’s core chips in the laptop would retain the budget and you will enjoy the high end performance in your gaming system.


You can perform more multitasking if you have enough RAM memory to handle it. Normally, you can start with 4GB within $1000 budget. Most of the machines come along with DDR3 RAM these days.

Storage Capacity

Always try to look for the hybrid systems which includes the hard drives as well as the solid state drives. However, the solid state drive featured drives may cross the budget line but SSD performs faster I/O operations in the system

Graphics Card

The most important thing to look for while hunting the gaming laptop, is the selection of Graphics card. A lot of people remain untouched with basic terms related to the graphic chipsets. To have the thorough knowledge get into the basic terminology of it-

  • GPU Interface

The main part of Graphic Card (Graphic Processor Unit), which is responsible to minimize the load on the main system processor by providing higher texture fill rate which ultimately helps in the smooth scrolls of the game animations.

  • Display Interface

There are two display interface (DVI and HDMI) are available which lets the monitor screen to connect to the system. You can choose any of the interfaces for the card.

  • API

API  like OpenGL and DirectX, which are use to create the games. Check for the API compatibility of your game and the card you are going to buy.

  • Memory

The Graphic memory which holds information about the picture and animation frames. A card with larger memory bus always performs faster than the ordinary one. As it will process more data per second and your game will run smoothly.

  • Technology

Nvidia and ATI are the major vendors of the Graphic chipsets. Both of these have their own render technologies to process the graphic data. ATI is based on ATI Stream while Nvidia goes with CUDA Core technology

Display and Dimensions

It is highly recommended to find the very HD machine display up to 1080p resolutions if you want to run an ultra HD game on your machine. Most of gaming laptops come in 15.6 and 17.3 inch display size. However, the 14 inch gaming laptop (weight almost 2kg) proves itself more portable if you travels.

Further if you want to have a touch input to the screen, then you must take care while shopping because such devices come with a moderated graphic performance.

Ports and Battery backup

The presence of one USB 3.0 Port is essential. Many of the laptop / notebook are not provided by Ethernet and the VGS connectors. Check carefully if all necessary ports are available including the external joypad ports.

The battery variation goes from 4 to 6 cell batteries.  If your budget allows, go for the higher cell battery because you will require less to sit near a plug.